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It's chaos here...ahhh!!!

Everyone has to watch the 5:30 news on channel six because my dad is going to be on it. If you're wondering why my dad is on the news I'll tell you. This exciting tale begins last monday, may 17. My sister was at her friend Taylar's house on the other side of the neighborhood. My sister, Taylar, and Taylar's older sister were all on the trampoline when some guy walked into their yard and asked if he could take pictures of them "having fun". Well, Taylar went inside to get her dad, who then called the police. So the police came out, but the guy was already gone and they couldn't do anything about it. Then yesterday some guy was selling magazines in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood has a no soliciting policy and with what happened on Monday, someone called the cops to have this guy checked out. Well as it turned out, not only did this guy not have a license to sell magazines, he was wanted for murder in Georgia!! So channel 6 was at Taylar's house when I dropped my sister, Taylar, and Taylar's sister off after going to the movies. (We saw 13 going on 30 by the way which was sooooo cute!) Well that's the very interesting story about how my dad got on the news.
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